NRDC in the News - Weekly Highlights: February 1, 2016

1. President Barack Obama announced a groundbreaking new transportation spending plan on Thursday that calls for a $10-a-barrel tax on oil to be phased in over five years. USA Today quoted Rhea Suh, who hailed the announcement as “the right move at the right moment” and “the appropriate next step in moving America beyond the dirty fossil fuels that are driving climate change.” Rhea was also quoted in Vice News and Scientific American.

2. Roland Hwang was quoted in a USA Today article about Ford’s foray into the electric vehicle market. Max Baumhefner spoke to ClimateWire, noting California’s role at the vanguard of the electric vehicle revolution. Simon Mui (SF, Energy & Transportation) was quoted in a GreenWire piece on regulations that stunt electric vehicle growth outside of California.

3. Henry Henderson was quoted in a Detroit Free Press piece that was critical of the EPA response to the Flint water crisis saying, “I think it’s not just a regulatory failure, it’s a moral failure of astonishing proportions.” Dimple Chaudhary was quoted in an Ebony article about the Safe Drinking Water Act lawsuit NRDC filed last week.

4. The Los Angeles Times published an op-ed penned by Doug Obegi that illustrates how weakening regulations in the face of California’s drought impact its native fish and wildlife.

5. Morgan Wyenn described the disclosure that the Port of Los Angeles failed to meet pollution reduction requirements as “significant in that it shows that the port allowed noncompliance, and didn't tell the public about it” in a Los Angeles Times piece. David Pettit was quoted in a Daily Breeze article covering the news.

6. Sylvia Fallon was featured in a Chicago Tribune piece detailing a court decision that clears the way for the use of Dow Chemical’s pesticide, Enlist Duo. Although disappointed with the verdict, Sylvia noted that it “still gives EPA the ability to more fully evaluate the effects of Enlist Duo or even to cancel it entirely” and that “now is the time for the agency to get it right.”

7. Matt Skoglund appeared in a Montana Public Radio piece about Governor Steve Bullock’s decision to allow wild bison to roam outside Yellowstone National Park into Montana state and private lands.

8. Bloomberg Government profiled Scott Slesinger and delved into his extensive work experience in the field of environmental legislation.

9. In its ongoing coverage of the Porter Ranch gas leak, Huffington Post enlisted the help of Briana Mordick to create a graphic illustration of the massive amount of methane that has been released up to this point.

10. Dana Gunders was featured in a Reuters article that detailed a myriad of simple ways to eliminate food waste. The article includes many direct quotes of advice from her new book Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook. According to Dana, “Nobody wakes up in the morning wanting to waste food, but it happens in little bits and pieces.” TIME and Business Insider India reprinted the article.

11. Sami Yassa was quoted by Politico in a story about an amendment directing federal agencies to create biomass policies that recognize forest bioenergy as carbon neutral. Due to concerns the amendment will interfere in the Clean Power Plan’s treatment of the resource, Sami said “this amendment will set back our efforts to address climate change.”

12. Marc Boom pointed out in a Think Progress piece that “coal already gets such favorable treatment under the federal government” that not much can be added to favor the industry in pending federal energy legislation.

13. David Doniger was quoted in a ThinkProgress piece decrying the group of states pushing for the Supreme Court to block the Clean Power Plan. David duly notes that “the Supreme Court almost never gets involved on a case in this stage, on this type of issue, especially when there’s been no lower court decisions.”

14. Pierre Bull was featured in a Q&A about net-metering in Alt Energy Mag. In addition, Pierre was quoted in an Al Jazeera America article on the topic.

15. Lena Brook spoke to Huffington Post for a piece detailing a coalition effort calling for Yum! Brands to commit to purchasing antibiotic-free meat and poultry. Lena was quoted saying that “No one wants their favorite pizza, taco or fried chicken place to undermine the effectiveness of our antibiotics.”

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