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...knowing me knowing you, it's the best I can do...Abba
....What a joy and delight to be in the presence of such a beautiful and shining young talent that lights up the screen and all our lives... Lily James ... "Here we go again Mamma Mia"
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    Awesome!!! We want to see Meryl ❤️ pleaseeee !
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    Your smile just makes me melt. Love you
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    oh how lovely both but we're still hoping that they will not focus in the young donna and sam we are expecting for more shots of the present donna and sam and all of us we are so excited to see and to hear them in the big screen hoping that
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    we are expecting the love team of Donna and Sam also the love team Sophie and Sky this is the best love team ever ...Donna and sam we very much excited to see you again............ we love you so much Cast of Mamma mia....
Never thought his would happen again but, here I was last night once more, with the gracious and brilliant Mr Benny Anderson ...ABBA... recording at Air Studios for the next ..."Here we go again, Mamma Mia" movie. Magic.
Back in London Town for rehearsals ...summer of 2017 ... "Mamma Mia" we go again!!
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    Amo esa película! La vi unas 25 veces ja ja
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    Am so excited 😆..! OMG 😲 am watch it !
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    the best love team ever in the history.We are so excited to see you Donna &Sam singing the Abba song.Just one year left.We are looking forward for more updates about your movie gUys.. ..I love you so much Meryl streep and Pierce
The last scene in my first movie "The Long Good Friday" starring the Outstanding Mr Bob Hoskins. I waited all night to do this shot, and then the director John McKenzie said right, your in the front with the gun... what the ...!! I wanted to drive the car...Steve Mc Queen style like !! little did I know that I would share the screen in one of the great movie endings opposite such a magnetic actor like Mr Bob Hoskins top it off, Bob had gone home for the night, he was just a piece of tape stuck on the camera for an eye line ... John McKenzie drove while giving me directions, as Phil Meheux rolled the camera in the back seat, cruising down the Strand at 4am ... welcome to the movies kid.
Western Malibu, Malibu, California
What a beautiful morning we had.
Jackie Chan ..."The Foreigner"
Chinese poster art for "The Foreigner"
... I remember this day like it was yesterday was a San Francisco morning on the set of "Mrs Doubtfire" ...a drive by fruiting...I thought we would be there all morning trying to get the shot, Robin nailed it on the second take. I am so proud to have been part of that movie and to have known the great Robin Williams.
Rainbows end a boy growing up on the banks of the river Boyne in Navan, Co Meath Ireland I would run looking across the fields for the end of the rain bow...
...there ya go now, let's keep it level ...Golf...Saim, Matt and Neal
A summer evening sail to Diamond Head
#PhilippePadovani ... a grand master of Chocolate, life and cuisine ...
The back of Diamond Head
315 days @keelyshayebrosnan
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    BaAaah...Nice to see Mr.Brosnan ✋
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    This man shows his true love to his wife! Fantastic ! Can't stop looking❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    I love you ❤💙💚💛💜. I wish are beach look like that, Beautiful.
Taro fields in the morning ...
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    So beautiful 🌿
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    There's a face looking at the camera underneath the leaves at the beginning of the video 👀🙈 Fantastic view btw even it freak me out a little 😍
164 movie, coming soon, August
Happy Fourth of July one and all...heart of broken coral made by Paris and Evan ...
The cast of The Son
The cast of The Son