There's a line from the movie Grey Owl, "A man becomes what he dreams, you have dreamed well." Sentimental… romantic… maybe? But applicable I think to a sixteen year old lad who is trying to find his way in life as he walks into a theatre arts lab in South London one night.

So began my career as an actor at The Oval House Theatre.

Even though I performed on stage in London, and grew up in and around the theatre scene of the late 60's and early 70's — I'm afraid it wasn't enough to leave a mark.

I got lucky when I came to America. I was all of 27 years old and landed my first audition — a series called 'Remington Steele'. Life was good. I felt I could be anything I wanted to be. And I wanted to be in the movies.

For me, acting is doing. My acting teacher Yat Malgram once said, "nothing comes from nothing." I've had the opportunity and the good fortune to be part of this exciting tradition for some time now. Acting allows me to explore new worlds, to discover characters by delving into their lives, and ultimately to become someone else entirely.

This website is a new beginning. Let's see where it takes us. To quote the last line of Lawnmower Man, "All the phones are ringing."



Title: A Long Way Down
Year: 2014
Character: Martin Sharp

Title: Love Punch
Year: 2013
Character: Richard

Title: The World's End
Year: 2013
Character: Guy Sheperd

Title: Love Is All You Need
Year: 2012
Character: Philip

Title: Bag of Bones (TV Mini Series)
Year: 2011
Character: Mike Noonan

Title: I Don't Know How She Does It
Year: 2011
Character: Jack Abelhammer

Title: Salvation Boulevard
Year: 2011
Character: Dan Day

Title: Remember Me
Year: 2010
Character: Charles Hawkins

Title: The Ghost Writer
Year: 2010
Character: Adam Lang

Title: Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief
Year: 2010
Character: Mr. Brunner / Chiron

Title: The Greatest
Year: 2009
Character: Allen Brewer

Title: Mamma Mia
Year: 2008
Character: Sam

Title: Married Life
Year: 2007
Character: Richard Langley

Title: Shattered
Year: 2007
Character: Tom Ryan

Title: Seraphim Falls
Year: 2006
Character: Gideon

Title: The Matador
Year: 2005
Character: Julian Noble

Title: After the Sunset
Year: 2004
Character: Max Burdett

Title: Laws of Attraction
Year: 2004
Character: Daniel Rafferty

Title: Die Another Day
Year: 2002
Character: James Bond

Title: Evelyn
Year: 2002
Character: Desmond Doyle

Title: The Tailor of Panama
Year: 2001
Character: Andrew "Andy" Osnard

Title: The World Is Not Enough
Year: 1999
Character: James Bond

Title: Grey Owl
Year: 1999
Character: Archie Grey Owl

Title: The Match
Year: 1999
Character: John MacGhee

Title: The Thomas Crown Affair
Year: 1999
Character: Thomas Crown

Title: Quest for Camelot (Voice)
Year: 1998
Character: King Arthur (Voice)

Title: The Nephew
Year: 1998
Character: Joe Brady

Title: Tomorrow Never Dies
Year: 1997
Character: James Bond

Title: Robinson Crusoe
Year: 1997
Character: Robinson Crusoe

Title: Dante's Peak
Year: 1997
Character: Harry Dalton

Title: Mars Attacks!
Year: 1996
Character: Professor Donal Kessler

Title: The Mirror Has Two Faces
Year: 1996
Character: Alex

Title: Golden Eye
Year: 1995
Character: James Bond

Title: Detonator II: Night Watch (TV Movie)
Year: 1995
Character: Michael "Mike" Graham

Title: Love Affair
Year: 1994
Character: Ken Allen

Title: Don't Talk to Strangers (TV Movie)
Year: 1994
Character: Patrick Brody

Title: The Broken Chain (TV Moive)
Year: 1993
Character: Sir William Johnson

Title: Mrs. Doubtfire
Year: 1993
Character: Stu

Title: Detonator (TV Movie)
Year: 1993
Character: Michael "Mike" Graham

Title: Entangled
Year: 1993
Character: Garavan

Title: Live Wire
Year: 1992
Character: Danny O'Neill

Title: The Lawnmower Man
Year: 1992
Character: Dr. Lawrence Angelo

Title: Running Wilde (TV Movie)
Year: 1992
Character: Wilde

Title: Victim of Love (TV Movie)
Year: 1991
Character: Paul Tomlinson

Title: Murder 101 (TV Moive)
Year: 1991
Character: Charles Lattimore

Title: Mr Johnson
Year: 1990
Character: Harry Rudbeck

Title: The Heist
Year: 1989
Character: Niel Skinner

Title: Around the World in 80 Days (TV Mini Series)
Year: 1989
Character: Phileas Fog

Title: The Deceivers
Year: 1988
Character: William Savage

Title: Taffin
Year: 1988
Character: Taffin

Title: Noble House (TV Mini Series)
Year: 1988
Character: Ian Dunross

Title: The Fourth Protocol
Year: 1987
Character: Valeri Petrofsky / James Edward Ross

Title: Nomads
Year: 1986
Character: Jean Charles Pommier

Title: Remington Steele (TV Series)
Year: 1982 - 1987
Character: Remington Steele

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